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2008, July 5th Chatlog

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[07:04] Marten: I'm just trying to wake up. I think I'm ready. Shall we begin?
[07:04] Szark: k
[07:04] Lynnutte: If your ready. You're running the show
[07:04] blutec: yes please & goodmorning!
[07:04] nanouk: passes strong coffee around
[07:05] nanouk: next meeting in our Bevin ???
[07:05] Marten: OK. I'm going to run down the outline of topics for the meeting and then if there's time (like there ever is, LOL) afterwards, we'll maybe look at other topics
[07:05] Lynnutte: We can always hope
[07:05] Lynnutte: k
[07:05] Szark: k
[07:05] Marten: First, topic is GoMe jobs
[07:05] nanouk: kkk
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] nanouk: jobs
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] Marten: Szark and Nanouk discussed which should take on a role that I and some of the other GoMe chairs needed badly - someone to keep a weekly summary. Szark ended up with the job and has been doing a great job
[07:06] nanouk: give
[07:06] nanouk: all
[07:06] nanouk: the
[07:06] nanouk: jobs
[07:06] nanouk: to
[07:07] nanouk: Szark...lol
[07:07] Lynnutte: yes he has
[07:07] Szark: arr shucks
[07:07] nanouk: one
[07:07] Lynnutte: your the only reason I knew about the meeting. lol
[07:07] nanouk: bug
[07:07] *** Szark has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


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[07:07] *** shimmerillio has joined #GoMe.
[07:08] *** Szark has joined #GoMe.
[07:08] Lynnutte: Shorah Shimmer!!!
[07:08] Marten: Hey, Shimmer!
[07:08] Lynnutte: :D
[07:08] Lynnutte: WB Szark
[07:08] Marten: We were just starting while I embarassed Szark into disconnecting.
[07:08] nanouk: brb
[07:08] blutec: hi shimmer /wave
[07:08] Szark: Hi Shimmer
[07:08] Lynnutte: Just in time Shimmer
[07:08] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


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[07:08] Lynnutte: lol
[07:08] Lynnutte: now nanouk is gone
[07:08] shimmerillio: hello all
[07:08] Szark: As I was trying to say thank you all
[07:09] Szark: before I was cut off
[07:09] Lynnutte: we must be starting a poofing party
[07:09] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[07:09] Lynnutte: wb nanouk
[07:09] Szark: Marten lol
[07:09] blutec: wb nanouk
[07:09] nanouk: am back
[07:10] *** Narym has joined #GoMe.
[07:10] Szark: Hiya Narym
[07:10] blutec: hi narym /wave
[07:10] Narym: apologies all
[07:10] Lynnutte: Shorah Narym
[07:10] Marten: Ok. So, I was thinking that with the future site that Narym currently gets the job of building, that we could use a Wiki, and keeping track of weekly status information could go there. It would be easier for Szark to maintain (if he wants to keep doing the job), others could help improve information if they wanted to add or tweak something, and others could access the info instead of it just being a PM.
[07:10] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


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[07:11] Marten: Just something I wanted to throw out there since it was related to the job Szark's doing.
[07:11] Lynnutte: sounds good to me
[07:11] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[07:11] Lynnutte: Having poofing problems Nanouk?
[07:11] Szark: Wiki I would have to learn a lot more, I would need help
[07:11] nanouk: bug, buggy, bug
[07:11] Lynnutte: ah.
[07:11] Narym: yeah, I was actually thinking of suggesting a wiki for GoMe stuff
[07:11] Lynnutte: Sorry, can't help there Szark
[07:12] Narym: good that someone's beat me to it, though :P
[07:12] Narym: So is that something you want me personally to head up?
[07:12] Marten: Wikis are really easy to use, Szark. Dead simple. :) And, that takes me to the second job topic which is Assistant Webmaster. Narym is currently fighting with that. Narym, did you get Shimmer's questions last night?
[07:12] Narym: I think so
[07:12] * Marten might be a little behind on the discussion
[07:12] Narym: I responded via pm today
[07:13] Narym: essentially, I get an error message when trying to play with templates via the extensions menu, I believe it was
[07:13] Narym: I can't actually do anything
[07:13] Narym: though I may be in entirely the wrong place for doing that stuff anyway :P
[07:13] shimmerillio: by anything i believe you mean the css?
[07:14] Szark: Marten you say dead simple, but for me Wiki has been a nightmare of a learning curve
[07:14] Narym: well I was going to try and work from a base template rather than doing anything from scratch
[07:14] Szark: I am not affraid to take it on
[07:15] Narym: but I found that on trying to change what templates were installed, I couldn't do anything with that aside from uninstalling ones present
[07:15] Szark: i'll stop carry on
[07:15] Lynnutte: I suggest we let Szark continue to do the job the way he is comfortable with and let someone who know Wiki to transfer the info to it.
[07:15] Narym: I guess my question is whether I'm in the right place to be playing with the that, or whether you were intending for me to edit that stuff otherwise-ly
[07:15] Marten: Sounds like a plan.
[07:16] Szark: that not what I want Lynnutte sorry..................
[07:16] Lynnutte: or let someone teach Szark how to use Wiki'
[07:16] Szark: I do want to learn
[07:16] Lynnutte: Whatever you want Szark. It's your job
[07:16] Marten: Szark> When we get to the point of having the wiki, we'll worry about it then, we can teach everyone about it and you can decide what you'd like to do
[07:16] Szark: just that wiki help is awful to follow
[07:16] shimmerillio: i really think the onl thing that needs to be changed is the color, and tweaking the openng flash
[07:17] Lynnutte: I have never had the nerve to try Wiki myself. lol
[07:17] Szark: sounds like a plan thx
[07:17] Tailahr: Please include me in the Wiki tutorial when it happens. :)
[07:17] Lynnutte: Um... me too. lol
[07:17] Marten: I was afraid you'd gone to sleep Tai'! :)
[07:17] Szark: lol
[07:17] Tailahr: Nah, just lurking.
[07:17] Narym: ok, so just for clarification, where would I be fiddling with that sort of stuff?
[07:17] Szark: ok website sorry
[07:18] Marten: (BTW, everyone here, you know Tailahr? She became a good friend of mine during the later months of MOUL. Very helpful greeter who spent a lot of time hanging out in A Beginner's Bevin.)
[07:18] blutec: Spike you mean?
[07:18] Tailahr: hehe
[07:18] Narym: or you can pm/IM me, and we can continue the meeting without having to technical-ise everyones brains :P
[07:18] Lynnutte: You forgot to say all around nice person
[07:18] Marten: D'oh
[07:18] Tailahr: Ahhhh - where's the blush emote?
[07:18] shimmerillio: ok i'll take a look later and pm you
[07:18] Lynnutte: lol
[07:19] Narym: ok thanks
[07:19] Szark: Pleased to be meeting you Tailahr
[07:19] Marten: OK. Question about the website, Narym, have you had any discussions with Veralun about it? I know he also offered to help.
[07:19] Narym: Just that I was getting a specific error message when in the templates menu in the extensions panel, so I thought maybe something was up
[07:19] Narym: No, I've heard nothing from Veralun
[07:19] Narym: I'll chase him up, if you like
[07:19] Marten: You might want to send him a PM, yeah.
[07:19] Narym: One thing I do want to do is set up access for everyone else
[07:20] Narym: cause one of the headaches of the new site is going to bring all the content there up to date
[07:20] shimmerillio: is this it? "The Parameter-File /templates/td_dimje/params.ini is Unwritable!"
[07:20] Narym: no, I put it in the pm I sent on the forums
[07:21] Narym: anyway, so until we migrate fully, which, once I work out this headache together with shimmer, will hopefully be sooner rather than later, the best way may simply be for people to post twice
[07:21] shimmerillio: ok
[07:21] nanouk: hint "usergroup" Marten
[07:21] Lynnutte: post twice?
[07:21] Narym: So people post on the current site, copy the source HTML code, and paste it into the New site
[07:21] Lynnutte: once on each site?
[07:21] Lynnutte: ok
[07:21] Marten: And the last piece of the website puzzle is the RSS system. Blade was going to help integrate the Nexus into the GoMe, then he decided he could hand it over but didn't have time to actually work on it... Szark thinks wikis are hard, well, I think RSS is hard. Makes my brain hurt. I'm hoping we can get someone who knows RSS better to help, and we might want to recruit for that.
[07:21] Narym: and it saves us having to do it all once we move
[07:22] Marten: Nanouk: Yeah :)
[07:22] Narym: though it doesn't take very long to do so. I did about 20 or so in half an hour, but its one less detail to take care of at the last minute
[07:22] Lynnutte: good idea Narym
[07:22] Marten: When you say 'post twice' do you mean on a forum copy at the new site?
[07:23] Narym: Well, I want to give people some access to the Joomla admin panel
[07:23] Narym: these people would have enough access to create new 'items'
[07:23] shimmerillio: i think joomla automatically generates some sort of rss feed, but i have not looked into the specifics at all
[07:23] shimmerillio: if there is an rss person who wants to take over that is awesome
[07:23] Marten: Oh, Ok.... so you mean things that go to the RSS feed should also go onto Joomla, that kind of post twice?
[07:24] Narym: all they would need to do is fill out the form (which is a WYSIWYG form) and post it, like in the current form on the current website, and it would be posted
[07:24] Narym: yes
[07:24] Narym: I think that's what I mean :P
[07:24] shimmerillio: yeah, basically they would need to post it at messengers.sixpence and also at joomla
[07:24] Narym: as i said, merely to prevent a backlog of news posts and other items developing
[07:24] Marten: OK. What about the forum? :) Will the new website also have phpBB3, and will we do a db migration of the forum at the time of transition?
[07:25] Narym: while joomla is WYSIWYG, I just found it easier to copy the raw HTML code
[07:25] Narym: that's shimmer's thing, she hasn't coached me in that area yet :P
[07:25] shimmerillio: forum migration is pretty easy compared to getting the joomla up to date. if nothing else, i can always point the links right back to where the forum is now
[07:26] Marten: If we ever want to re-open the feed to public submissions, we'll need to inhibit raw HTML from being injected. But, I'm not certain if we ever want to go back to that anyway
[07:26] Marten: Something we can decide later I guess
[07:26] Narym: yeah, we also hhave to work out exactly how the public will submit stuff
[07:27] nanouk: dumb me is amazed
[07:27] Narym: I assume we wouldn't be permitting admin-level access like for GoMe submitters
[07:27] Narym: so there'd need to be a form like we had on the old site
[07:27] shimmerillio: better just figure out our stuff first
[07:27] Lynnutte: hey lost me when they started throwing letters out there. lol
[07:27] Marten: So, what I was saying above was that we should recruit for an RSS expert. There might be someone at TCT who can help, but we can ask the community in general.
[07:27] Marten: Narym> Yeah.
[07:27] Narym: Shimmer, have you spoken to Bert_2?
[07:28] Narym: He said he could possibly lend a hand
[07:28] Narym: and I'm sure he'd be able to sort out RSS woes
[07:28] shimmerillio: i could be wrong, but i think any registered member (or at least some low level) can submit articles, which are basically the same as news posts for our purposes
[07:28] shimmerillio: i haven't spoken to anybody in like 3 months :P
[07:28] Marten: Next topic. Szark and Nanouk have been canvasing the forums, doing a very good job... but it's a lot of forums to cover. And they're posting announcements all over, but I doubt they also have the time to -read- all of those sites they're visiting.
[07:28] Lynnutte: well why not shimmer? lol
[07:29] Lynnutte: don't be so anti-social. lol
[07:29] Szark: I do
[07:29] shimmerillio: lol
[07:29] Szark: I check new posts every day
[07:29] Lynnutte: I check forums too
[07:29] nanouk: have only a few to cover and easy to read
[07:30] Szark: All 29 every day morning and night
[07:30] Tailahr: Wowsa!
[07:30] Lynnutte: Wow. I don't check that many
[07:30] Narym: Can you set auto-notifications when people reply to your threads on many of those forums?
[07:30] blutec: o man, and you can sleep?
[07:30] Marten: I have about 5 sites I check myself - MOUL, Mystcommunity, Messengers, Great Tree, and UO. I can't handle more. I don't know how you do it Szark
[07:30] Lynnutte: We need to start calling you Super Szark!
[07:31] nanouk: no need, do check a few times every day
[07:31] blutec: Szuper Szark!
[07:31] Lynnutte: lol
[07:31] Szark: Some yes Narym
[07:31] Szark: Time to burn
[07:32] Szark: I do have something to say on this matter
[07:32] nanouk: even have time for fighting around Moul's forums
[07:32] Lynnutte: shoot
[07:32] Marten: My thinking is this... some of these sites, they are their own communities, like the Alpha Blue folks... it might make things easier on Szark if some of these sites had their own "representatives".
[07:32] Szark: As I have said before I don’t mind doing the work, I just don’t want to be organising other people, apart for maybe in the future, when I might need help with the update, so I don’t mind being responsible for something, I give in. Lol.........
[07:32] Szark: No problems with me doing all this posting but it is putting eggs in one basket, we do need back up, just in case they put a straight jacket on me and take me away...........
[07:32] shimmerillio: lol
[07:33] Tailahr: I was just thinking the same thing, Marten. If they have something they want to get out, let them come to you.
[07:33] Narym: Problem: People are lazy ;)
[07:33] Marten: But, I'm just trying to figure out how to make Szark's job a little easier, not interfere with it if he feels comfortable with it already :)
[07:33] Szark: But it will be a fact that not everyone that we recruit will be reliable enough to get the job done continuously; as long as I am here and able, so problem far as I can see......at the moment..........
[07:33] Szark: As long there is no more responsibility than that. I don’t mind keeping an eye on my list and update it etc. End
[07:33] Narym: I think I posted this elsewhere, but if you want people from outside this dedicated group to pitch in, you need to remove as many barriers to communication as possible
[07:33] Tailahr: Good point, Narym.
[07:34] Lynnutte: yes
[07:34] Narym: You need to make it as easy as possible for them to get news to you, so they're more likely to care enough to do anything
[07:34] Marten: Can you elaborate on where you see some barriers, Narym?
[07:34] Narym: Traditionally, for say The Archiver, one problem has been the issue of registering on a new forum
[07:34] Szark: But but some site will get posted on and some wont maybe for days
[07:34] nanouk: have same problems wi5th my ex french and Italians forums at this time
[07:34] Narym: NDAs are obligatory for behind-the-curtain access, which is another hurdle
[07:35] Marten: (Szark> Yeah, the quiet forums probably aren't too much trouble.)
[07:35] Narym: most people don't care enough to try that hard to be involved. After all, it is all volunteer stuff
[07:35] shimmerillio: i don't think there is any good way of having them post. maybe shoot an email to us
[07:35] Szark: I do see your point NArym but I can see problems that is all
[07:35] shimmerillio: eiher that or let szark keep doing his thing
[07:36] Narym: But we've recently instituted a 'freelancer' practice, whereby people can pitch me articles, or send me completed copy directly, usually via MOUL, which has resulted in a bunch of people pitching in
[07:36] Tailahr: What if they could use the old-fashioned method of e-mail? Just send their article or info to one person?
[07:36] Lynnutte: I vote for letting Szark to keep on keeping on.
[07:36] Lynnutte: He's done a great job so far
[07:36] Narym: It still probably needs to be the one contact person, though
[07:36] * Tailahr types too slow
[07:36] Marten: Narym, by "the issue of registering on a new forum", do you mean individuals from TCT have had difficultiy registering on other forums, or those who might bring you news balk at registering an account on TCT just because it's yet another forum?
[07:36] Narym: Just to keep it simple
[07:36] Lynnutte: lol
[07:36] Narym: ...stupid :P
[07:36] Szark: But we are just talking about posting announcements and the like that is all?
[07:36] Narym: the latter, Marten
[07:36] shimmerillio: or we can set up a "send your news here" email and szark can check it. then if he falls off the face of the planet someone else can check it
[07:37] Narym: but when we removed that barrier, it enticed more people to help
[07:37] nanouk: will try the pm idea
[07:37] Marten: Yes. And the GoMe submit news area doesn't need registration either. But, I'm not certain that people always know that; they see "forum" and think "must register" and run away
[07:37] Tailahr: But, that's still a forum they have to be registered to - if they aren't already.
[07:37] Narym: I think requiring people to interact with us via forums when it comes to informing us of news is generally a bad idea, unless its registration free
[07:37] shimmerillio: gome news submit doesn't need registration NOW. it will injoomla
[07:38] shimmerillio: even then i don't think they would. it's another password and username to remember
[07:38] Narym: I use MOUL for my freelance level correspondance simply because nearly everyone has an account there
[07:38] Tailahr: E-mail also makes them feel like a real person is going to read it.
[07:38] Szark: Ok I try to clarify If we get a really good announcement and the posting is split up to a half dozen or more people.....
[07:38] Marten: See, my thought is that the current system where people can post to the forum without needing an account is nice; we pick it up and post it to the feed provided that it isn't spam.
[07:39] Szark: some wil get posted and some will not or might be 2 or 3 days later.
[07:39] Szark: it only take me 2o odd minutes to post 29 sites
[07:39] Narym: I agree Marten
[07:39] Lynnutte: Could we use Szark for people to send new to?
[07:40] Lynnutte: Then there is no registration and they know a person will look at it
[07:40] Marten: Szark, that is true, we've had some posts sit for days before they got into the feed because, I guess, each of us with posting ability looked at it and thought, "I'm a little busy now, I'm sure another person with access with do it"
[07:40] Lynnutte: news to...sorry
[07:40] Narym: Could we structure it as a press release form?
[07:40] Marten: Er, will do it
[07:40] Narym: so a person from X site mails us a tip
[07:40] Narym: we read it, sign of on it as newsworthy
[07:41] Narym: and mass mail it to all our forum/site contacts A through Z, and they post it themselves on their individual sites
[07:41] Narym: that way its only one mail that Szark has to do
[07:41] Tailahr: Is the GoMe's overall system of relaying information posted anywhere?
[07:41] Narym: but then it relies on people at the other end doing their jobs, which we have no control over
[07:41] Lynnutte: Not that I know of Tai
[07:41] Szark: no Tailahr I was going to point that out
[07:41] Szark: cheers
[07:42] Tailahr: Perhaps people might be more inclined to participate if they knew how it worked and where they might best fit in.
[07:42] Marten: Perhaps a compromise is to let people register to submit news without needing an approval step, and then have an in-box like you're all saying, e-mail and/or a forum to submit news without registration but it goes into our queue, and we assign one person the role of checking that box once daily and if nobody else has posted it already, the once-daily person knows it's their job to post it if it's relevant.
[07:42] Lynnutte: that is something we need to correct
[07:42] Marten: Agreed... but that kind of goes back to the "website in transition" problem doesn't it? :)
[07:42] blutec: i would like to see some kind of form or example how to (post news, tip)
[07:42] Lynnutte: that means that one person also has to check the validity of the news story
[07:43] Narym: like this, you mean? (Link:


[07:43] Narym: its out of date though
[07:43] Szark: I have some template ideas I will get them together for the new site if you want
[07:43] Marten: Lynnutte> I think most stories we don't have to worry about validity. It's just a few here and there. Maybe we can come up with a strategy for those exceptions.
[07:43] blutec: lost me there right away, it looks like a lot of work, lol
[07:44] blutec: (at naryms url)
[07:44] Lynnutte: We had a problem once before about the validity of a news story
[07:44] Lynnutte: I just don't want to go through that again
[07:44] Marten: Yeah. I personally think it will be pretty clear when we have a "rumor" vs a "story", but if it makes you feel better we can develop guidelines on verification.
[07:44] Narym: Valid news: 1. Of interest to the public, or in the public interest
[07:45] Lynnutte: that would make me more comfortable
[07:45] Narym: 2. It is new, or contains a new element or angle
[07:45] Marten: I just think it's overkill that if I hear there's a party in XyZZy Bevin, that we need to go call someone and make sure there's really a party there
[07:45] Narym: 3. Has verifiable sources
[07:45] Lynnutte: I was thin king more about news about Cyan
[07:45] Lynnutte: not a party
[07:45] Narym: Depends on the criticalness of the news
[07:45] Lynnutte: ys
[07:45] Narym: parties don't really need to be double and triple checked
[07:45] Marten: OK, so there's a beginning guideline. :) There are specific types of news we may want to put to a higher level of scrutiny.
[07:46] Narym: Cyan stories probably need to be run past Cyan
[07:46] shimmerillio: i would strongly suggest that everybody wait till joomla is up before making decisions on the workflow, as that will depend on what joomla is capable of. unless you want to use the forum, which you already know how that works.
[07:46] Marten: Shimmer> *nod*
[07:46] Szark: k
[07:46] Lynnutte: agreed
[07:46] shimmerillio: anybody that wants to help narym get joomla ready is more than welcome
[07:46] shimmerillio: i'm looking at the css right now
[07:47] Narym: which is another thing I was going to ask Shimmer: Do you want/need someone else to have access to the current site backend at the present time?
[07:47] Marten: Speaking of the FAQ (since Narym brought it up), there is an update for that in Narym's hands, and by the time it gets posted it'll probably need another update. *heheh*
[07:47] Narym: I suppose it all depends on the ETA for the new site
[07:47] nanouk: me out of joomla....full lost
[07:47] Lynnutte: lol
[07:47] Narym: yeah, I was goign to send that to Shimmer, but you've been busy, and I didn't want to bug you about it
[07:47] Szark: behave
[07:47] Narym: And I had no idea when you'd be back ,either :P
[07:47] shimmerillio: thanks
[07:48] Narym: but that's another reason why I was wondering about someone else having access to the current site
[07:48] Lynnutte: that's a good idea
[07:48] shimmerillio: yeah, here's the thing. I'm good for short periods of time with specific goals (such as, fix the css because narym can't), but i am not good for long extended, on-call type stuff
[07:49] Narym: cause then they could post an updated FAQ, and then you wouldn't have to be on-call all the time for stuff like that
[07:49] Tailahr: It's good to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
[07:49] shimmerillio: as you all know, i'm moving to japan on the 26th and i have no idea what life will be like
[07:49] Narym: and could fix the technically borked things that I can't do
[07:49] shimmerillio: yes
[07:49] Marten: I know that I'll be interested in hearing what life is like there, shimmer :)
[07:49] Narym: but I CAN update pages, fiddle with Joomla to an extent, manage usergroups, etc
[07:49] shimmerillio: lol
[07:49] Lynnutte: me too
[07:49] shimmerillio: narym, i think that would be a perfect balance
[07:49] *** Szark has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


)http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
[07:50] Marten: Shall I move on to the next topic?
[07:50] shimmerillio: well i'll keep you all informed :D
[07:50] *** Szark has joined #GoMe.
[07:50] Lynnutte: Do we know anyone that can fill that position?
[07:50] Narym: At least in Japan you know there'll be the Internet :D :P
[07:50] Lynnutte: that might be willing to?
[07:50] Marten: which position?
[07:50] Narym: WEll, I'm happy to be an assistant webmaster
[07:50] nanouk: Japan to USA/ IPhone bills very high....lol
[07:50] Lynnutte: for th wb stuff
[07:50] Lynnutte: web
[07:50] Narym: but having Bert as some sort of consultant would be welcome
[07:50] Lynnutte: forum
[07:50] Lynnutte: whatever
[07:51] Narym: Cause he's much more technically proficient than I am
[07:51] Marten: In addition to Narym now? I think Narym is capable of recruiting more help :)
[07:51] Narym: I just don't know how much time he'd be ready to spare, that's all
[07:51] Szark: brb
[07:51] Lynnutte: kk just checking because i know I'm clueless
[07:51] shimmerillio: brb
[07:51] Narym: WEll, obviously I would need to give admin access to any helpers
[07:51] Narym: do I have that kind of level access, shimmer?
[07:52] Narym: lol @ Lyn
[07:52] Narym: I'm almost just as clueless, don't worry
[07:52] Narym: especially at this time
[07:52] Narym: its only the caffeine keeping me awake ;)
[07:52] Lynnutte: sure you are. At least you know what Joomla is
[07:52] Narym: lol
[07:52] Marten: Narym, pile up the questions and send them to shimmer in a PM or e-mail :) We really should continue
[07:52] Narym: You will too, once I give you some access
[07:52] Lynnutte: kk
[07:52] Narym: yep, already on it MArten ;)
[07:53] Narym: Move along
[07:53] Marten: OK Escape Pods
[07:53] * Lynnutte zips her lips...for now
[07:53] Marten: WeUntil "MORE" is back online,
[07:53] Marten: Whoops
[07:53] Lynnutte: huh?
[07:53] Szark: Q: Should we be doing this now, that we are about to venture into MORE? Or are we going to continue up to the point of MORE going online? End
[07:53] Marten: We've seen a big surge of people back onto the MOUL forums, but until "MORE" is online, I expect we'll still have quite a bit of folks staying in the "escape pod" communities
[07:54] Lynnutte: I agree
[07:54] Marten: Great Minds Think Alike, Szark
[07:54] blutec: yes, and it should be, to warm the leavers and newcomers
[07:54] Narym: I think it's worth keeping links to these places anyway
[07:54] Lynnutte: And yes, we should continue until it starts and adapt after
[07:54] Narym: some will stay without coming back
[07:54] Marten: Yep
[07:54] Narym: and we may bring in new people via those links
[07:55] shimmerillio: back
[07:55] Narym: *stay in the escape pod games
[07:55] blutec: links as in linking pins in escape pods or urls?
[07:55] Narym: our links with people in the Escape pods
[07:55] Narym: which I assume is what Marten is heading towards
[07:55] Marten: Yes
[07:56] Tailahr: Turnover is natural.
[07:56] Marten: Tai has been helpful in getting news into Second Life, for example... and Thend too. And who did the relay? I never did find out. Was that you Lynnutte?
[07:56] Tailahr: Melodilynn
[07:56] Lynnutte: Mel did it
[07:56] Marten: Ah ok
[07:56] Szark: relayers rock
[07:56] Lynnutte: we had a relayer in the Mystonline chatroom too
[07:57] Narym: lol you see, you guys still have a big job to do :)
[07:57] Marten: Can you share their name? :)
[07:57] Lynnutte: :D
[07:57] Lynnutte: Zedra]
[07:57] Marten: *thumbsup to Zedra*
[07:57] Lynnutte: And lucky enough they agreed
[07:58] Szark: lucky day
[07:58] Lynnutte: we tried to relay in There too, but couldn't
[07:58] blutec: how is newsspread in SL for example?
[07:58] nanouk: Zedra is a great person. Would fit good in GoMe
[07:59] Marten: OK. I understand that Thend would like to... uh, have more responsibility in conveying news into SL. 'course, the way news moves, once we post it in one place, usually it has a ripple effect and it can be posted many other places before our own members can get there. Szark has seen that happen. I've had times where I posted something, sent an e-mail to Tai, and she'd already heard it from someone else.
[07:59] Lynnutte: they met at the community center for the relay
[07:59] Lynnutte: Yes she would
[07:59] Tailahr: Thend sends out a notecard to the Explorers Community Center group every day.
[07:59] Lynnutte: Other announcements are sent to people
[07:59] Marten: Relaying in There would be something best accomplished the way Dagda handled things in Teamspeak. In Voice.
[07:59] Szark: lol
[07:59] blutec: is it an subscription?
[07:59] Tailahr: And, then post it on a screen inside the Center.
[07:59] Lynnutte: Yes it would Marten
[08:00] Lynnutte: We may have to set something like that up
[08:00] nanouk: loved Dagda in TS
[08:00] Lynnutte: Me too. Made it easy for me to follow while organizing things
[08:00] Szark: blutec no is the asnwer
[08:00] Tailahr: Dagda found out that the channel had a limit of 16, though.
[08:01] Lynnutte: it would be different in There
[08:01] nanouk: yep, sad
[08:01] blutec: so could considere to be spamming the news in SL, or is it ok?
[08:01] blutec: news as spam i mean not spam the news
[08:01] Lynnutte: SL has a range limit for typing.
[08:01] Lynnutte: You can only see chat from those near you
[08:02] Marten: News in SL ... basically, you either see it on a virtual bulletin board, or anyone who is part of a group (such as "D'ni Explorers") may get messages broadcast to them by someone in the group.
[08:02] Narym: Can you run multiple channels?
[08:02] Narym: I suppose it means multiple people...
[08:02] Tailahr: As for SL, I think Thend's ECChain newsletter is good, but it only goes to the smaller group. For really important news, it needs to be sent to the D'ni Refugees group - the largest there.
[08:02] Marten: A single SL account supports membership in up to 25 groups
[08:02] Lynnutte: I agree
[08:03] Marten: Ok. Tai', rather than bypassing Thend, if you get news before he does, and he is around... could you hand it to him? And could you emphasize your feelings about sending to the D'ni Refugees group?
[08:03] Tailahr: So, we should encourage anyone who wants to receive a regular, daily report to sign up for the ECC group, and make sure that the really important stuff gets out to the larger group - and Thend won't do that.
[08:03] * Tailahr types too slow - again!
[08:03] Marten: He won't do that... ?
[08:04] Lynnutte: won't do what?
[08:04] Marten: I think we're on pages close to each other. We'll get there.
[08:04] Tailahr: Won't send it to the D'ni Refugees group.
[08:04] Lynnutte: I wonder why?
[08:04] Marten: I'm guessing there has been discussion on this matter already?
[08:04] blutec: (won't do we dont undertsand lol)
[08:05] Tailahr: So, I suggest sending the general info to Thend for his newsletter, but if it's really important, I can send it to the D'ni Refugees.
[08:05] Marten: OK. Would you prefer that we declare whether we think it's ECC or everyone information, or leave it to you or Thend to make that decision?
[08:06] Lynnutte: Could we give it to both?
[08:06] Marten: I mean, we think that all of our information is important! LOL
[08:06] Tailahr: Perhaps I should write something up, encouraging people to sign up for his group if they want to get the news.
[08:06] Lynnutte: lol]
[08:06] Szark: lol
[08:06] shimmerillio: if thend wants to be the conduit, it sounds like he needs to send info to everyone... isn't that most efficient?
[08:06] Marten: That might be a good approach, Tai'
[08:06] * Lynnutte nods
[08:07] Marten: shimmer> Yeah, but he might also be taking the "high road" that he doesn't want to spam people.
[08:07] shimmerillio: hm
[08:07] Marten: I think Tai' may have a good compromise. Remind people that they're going to miss out on news if they /aren't/ in ECC.
[08:07] Tailahr: I should send out something, giving them all the good sources for news, and if they don't follow up, then, do we just leave them out?
[08:08] Tailahr: Question is, are we providing a service to the reader or advertising MORE?
[08:08] Lynnutte: 'If you inform them where to get the news, then the ball is in their court
[08:08] Marten: I think you might have to do just that, Tai'. *nods w/ Lynnutte*
[08:08] Narym: I like to think we're journalists operating in the world of Uru.
[08:09] Lynnutte: Me too Marym
[08:09] Tailahr: So, when we have a cavern re-open date set and a place to sign up, THEN I'll make sure it gets out to EVERYBODY. Until then, they'll have to seek the sources themselves.
[08:09] Narym: So, we report with integrity on major issues, act as a bit of an advertising agency, but are usually advertising MORE merely as a matter of course
[08:09] Szark: amd Me Marym lol
[08:09] Marten: We're not a marketing team. We're journalists like Narym says. Our readers are our customers. Advertising.... Cyan would be our customer, and readers would be targets.
[08:09] Narym: becuase we operate in this world, we incidentally expose this world to the Real world to see
[08:09] blutec: (me gets nerves... a journalist? me, no... crier ok, assembler ok lol)
[08:10] Narym: WEll, like any newsagency
[08:10] Narym: not everyone is a journalist
[08:10] Narym: you also need peopel to keep the logs turning
[08:10] Narym: and peopel to just get news out there rapidly and efficiently
[08:10] Lynnutte: blutec, criers were more like advitisers
[08:10] Tailahr: You would not believe how many people don't even read the stuff they're offered.
[08:10] Marten: Tai> I think you have a good solution there. Two sets of "global" messages. One to tell people where to look for interim news. A second to say "Cavern is now open" when it happens.
[08:11] Marten: People don't read stuff if they're deluged by it
[08:11] Lynnutte: I agree
[08:11] Narym: what he said
[08:11] Tailahr: Exactly.
[08:11] nanouk: me was no advertizer.
[08:11] Lynnutte: only deluge when the cavern opens. lol
[08:11] Narym: Strike a balance between hiding your news away from people, and shoving it down their throats
[08:11] Szark: Well how about this approach.....“Want MORE out of UrU? Then we are looking for you!â€.......
[08:12] Szark: “We are looking to expand our services and we would like the community’s help. We are looking for prospective GoMe Community liaisons to communicate news to the GoMe, and to share information from the GoMe......
[08:12] Narym: don't be afraid to tell people stuff, just know when to back off ;)
[08:12] Szark: If you think that this sounds like you, then please apply to the GoMe. Life time free membership guaranteedâ€; or something like this. End
[08:12] Tailahr: Pssst - as for Thend, he has to be fed the news; doesn't seek it out, to my knowledge.
[08:12] Lynnutte: I like that Szark
[08:12] nanouk: more like a friend doing small talk
[08:12] Marten: That's why I'm thinking it's easiest to give the news to you Tai, since you actually read your e-mail... and you can hand it to Thend so he can feel good about sending it out.
[08:12] Lynnutte: Sounds like a good ad for the newsletter
[08:13] Marten: If you don't mind being stuck in the middle
[08:13] Szark: if you want it I have it in word
[08:13] Lynnutte: Cool! I want it!
[08:13] Lynnutte: Send it to blutec please
[08:13] * Tailahr is copying & pasting right now.....
[08:13] Szark: pm it later
[08:13] Szark: k
[08:13] blutec: (recruiting pics!)
[08:13] Lynnutte: ty
[08:14] Narym: newsletter stuff can go in the forums guys ;)
[08:14] Tailahr: That's fine, Marten.
[08:14] Marten: Wrapping up this topic, what about other worlds? I think the Greeters are probably handling the spreading of news just by word of mouth in the other communities, but I had thought someone might strike up a conversation with Mite or other greeters about such things
[08:14] Narym: sounds good
[08:14] Szark: I typed up all this last night Tai
[08:14] Lynnutte: ok, what would you want said?
[08:14] Tailahr: Oh? Do you have something prepared that I could send out, Szark?
[08:15] Szark: for what tai
[08:15] Tailahr: Recruiting for the GoMe.
[08:15] Szark: yes what I posted I have in Word
[08:16] Tailahr: Oh, so just what you posted here, already? Okay, I'll run with that.
[08:16] Szark: I will send it to you which forum?
[08:16] Tailahr: MOUL
[08:16] Szark: Will do
[08:16] Marten: I think it might be nice if we worked more closely with the Greeters, if we can avoid getting pulled into their politics (we have enough of our own already)
[08:16] Marten: Thoughts?
[08:17] Marten: (tries to push, push, push the topic along)
[08:17] Tailahr: Oh, sigh.
[08:17] Lynnutte: I think working more closely with all the guilds is a good idea
[08:17] Tailahr: I feel guilty for not even staying up on the GoG forum.
[08:17] Lynnutte: Tai? Is this something you could do?
[08:18] Marten: From an outside view there hasn't been much on the GoG forum, I forgot, I read that one too every week
[08:18] Lynnutte: You have been a greeter for long than me.
[08:18] Marten: :D
[08:18] Tailahr: I don't really feel like I could represent the GoG.
[08:18] nanouk: pushing for tech forum in GoG direction...lol
[08:18] Lynnutte: but you can represent the GOMe to the GOG
[08:18] Narym: I think someone said this before
[08:18] Marten: Oh, yeah, Tai.... Heimdall is looking for a place to do tech support. We thought that might fit in better at the GoG than with us.
[08:18] Lynnutte: you have a better understand of both guilds
[08:19] Tailahr: Wasn't somebody else already doing that? Don't want to step on any more toes.
[08:19] Narym: but I think its better to have the liaisons coming from the target group, not the GoME
[08:19] * Marten agrees with Narym
[08:19] Lynnutte: I was thinking of someone from the GOMe asking for a liason from the GOG
[08:19] Tailahr: I think there is already that request on the GoG forum.
[08:20] Narym: We don't have the personnel, and I don't want people piled up with several portfolios
[08:20] nanouk: correction: Heimdall "might be" interrested
[08:20] Lynnutte: Since Tai has been a part of both guilds longer, I thought she might have better luck getting it done
[08:20] Marten: Nanouk> oops. Thanks :)
[08:20] Lynnutte: ok
[08:20] Narym: but, again, we need to make it exceptionally easy for people to 'liaise' with us.
[08:20] Marten: Or, Tai might have a better knowledge of how impossible it could be ;)
[08:20] Lynnutte: Marten good point
[08:21] Lynnutte: They are encredible slow, but thurough
[08:21] Tailahr: Marten is smart. ;)
[08:21] Narym: True that
[08:21] Narym: that's why HE'S the GM
[08:21] Lynnutte: so is the line of thought a dead end?
[08:21] Lynnutte: or just walking through mud?
[08:21] Tailahr: Um, I'll creep around and see what I can do. No promises.
[08:22] Marten: Well, I don't want to push anything on you Tai'... another thing you could do perhaps is think about who else at GoG might be willing to step up to work with us. I'm not sure I've seen the request you mentioned on the GoG forum; that would be a beginning point, if you could look for that and see if there was any activity on it.
[08:22] Lynnutte: kk ty
[08:22] Marten: That's if you're comfortable with doing just that... let me know please :)
[08:22] Szark: Sorry to interject. Slogan gone to Tai and blutec
[08:22] Lynnutte: ty Szark
[08:22] Tailahr: Thanks, Szark.
[08:22] Marten: Huzzah
[08:22] blutec: (got it ty szark)
[08:22] Marten: Topic 3. Mysterium. None of us are going right?
[08:23] Lynnutte: I wish
[08:23] Szark: no
[08:23] Tailahr: Maybe I'll send a few PMs through the GoG forum. People are more likely to reply to personal requests for their help. ;)
[08:23] blutec: no
[08:23] nanouk: not me
[08:23] shimmerillio: joomla gradually becoming more yellow ... :P
[08:23] Lynnutte: good idea Tai
[08:24] Szark: nice one Tai and ask if they are taking any pics for the newsletter and Archiver. Got to be cheeky :D
[08:24] Lynnutte: lol
[08:24] blutec: yay
[08:24] Marten: Alright. So, that's a dead horse. If we want any "presence" at Mysterium then Blade can suggest something we might produce and send, like a poster or something. Or if we want anything /from/ Mysterium, we should let him know.
[08:25] Szark: k
[08:25] Narym: I really feel there should be someting more substantial
[08:25] Narym: like a presentation or something
[08:25] blutec: ok, an ad at mysterium...
[08:25] Lynnutte: He also said we can send stuff to Eleri
[08:25] Narym: heck, if I could go, I'd happily run it
[08:25] Narym: but I'm on the wrong side of the world for that ... :P
[08:25] Szark: 2 weeks to go not much time left
[08:25] Tailahr: Perhaps somebody could put together a powerpoint that could run on its own?
[08:25] Marten: Right. Last I heard, Blade isn't going himself either... maybe that changed but I doubt it
[08:26] Narym: Yeah, he was touting Eleri as a possible rep, but that was it
[08:26] Marten: Mysterium's deadline for presentations is probably past already
[08:26] Lynnutte: Hmmm... maybe I can talk hubby out some of the stimulus check for tht. lol
[08:26] Tailahr: brb
[08:26] shimmerillio: maybe we should make physical copies of the newsletter to distribute at mysterium
[08:27] Lynnutte: good idea
[08:27] Marten: A more likely candidate would be a handout (like the newsletter, as shimmer just said) or a poster that could be hung on a wall or such.
[08:27] blutec: and applicationforms lol
[08:27] shimmerillio: hear, hear!
[08:27] Marten: I could send Eleri a little money to run to FedExKinkos and print out 80 copies of a newsletter or so.
[08:28] Narym: actually, I have to say
[08:28] blutec: a quiz, which needs do you find ? (see back for jobs that suit)
[08:28] Narym: Alahmnat recently brought to my attention a mag printing service
[08:28] Lynnutte: Cool
[08:28] Narym: I don't know if this would be relevant to the newsletter, but it is rather cool
[08:28] Szark: If help is required with monies I could help a little as well Marten
[08:28] Narym: basically, you send them a pdf, via your account
[08:29] Lynnutte: How much does it cost?
[08:29] Narym: they keep it in the database, and 'advertise' on their site
[08:29] Narym: 20c per page
[08:29] Marten: Oh, it's easier if I just front the cost. The next GM can do the same for activities on his or her watch. :)
[08:29] Narym: its a professional, doubleside page print
[08:29] nanouk: if $$$ needed give me a shout
[08:29] Lynnutte: Nice
[08:29] Marten: Nifty, Narym
[08:30] Szark: where are they based NArym
[08:30] Narym: We were looking at using it to send VIPs copies of the Archiver
[08:30] Narym: its an online service run by HP
[08:30] Marten: Little things like that, good wiki fodder, put on a "resources" page or such.
[08:30] Szark: k
[08:30] Narym: but its currently in beta, so it may be a little difficult to get your foot in the door at this stage
[08:31] Marten: So... do we want to take the July newsletter currently in production and print copies of that, or have something custom for Mysterium?
[08:31] Narym: magcloud may a bit to pie-in-the-sky
[08:31] Szark: July
[08:31] Marten: It's just 2 weeks away so my vote is to just print the July newsletter
[08:31] Szark: newsletter sorry
[08:31] Lynnutte: Did you have something in mind for Mysterium?
[08:31] Narym: for Mysterium, you're probably looking at a regular print anyway
[08:31] Lynnutte: Mine too
[08:31] Narym: and July newsletter is easiest, I agree
[08:31] Lynnutte: Since we are talking about the newsletter now....
[08:32] Tailahr: Side topic for future discussion: formalizing the guilds so they can set up funds.
[08:32] Marten: OK. I will clear the idea with Eleri to be make sure this will be acceptable.
[08:32] Lynnutte: I just got a volunteer to translate it into German
[08:32] Marten: Lynnutte> Cool :)
[08:32] Marten: I don't think we'll do foreign languages for the Mysterium copy ;)
[08:32] Lynnutte: Ah no
[08:32] Marten: :D
[08:33] Marten: Newsletter is the next topic anyway, since the "Cyan Letter" topic is kind of done....
[08:33] Tailahr: How many are expected to attend?
[08:33] * Lynnutte shrugs
[08:33] Marten: Tai> I'll check with Eleri and that'll help determine # of copies to make
[08:33] Szark: I did find a German translation of Cyan’s letter and asked Mucol if it would be ok for Mucol to post it on other German sites. Mucol never got back to me but I did see it on another German site........
[08:33] nanouk: people going to Boston should be bilingual
[08:33] Tailahr: Just wondering if it's worth the extra trouble to do something special and try to recruit from there.
[08:34] Szark: However I made it perfectly clear that it was on the proviso that it was done whenever they felt like it, so I have no control on frequency. End
[08:34] Lynnutte: I talked with mulcol, he asked for a volunteer to translate the newsletter on a german site
[08:34] Marten: Well, if we can stick a recruiting statement into the newsletter, that'll do
[08:34] blutec: yellow caps with gome logo: who fits it?
[08:34] Szark: good nice one Lynnutte
[08:35] Tailahr: I meant come up with something creative like a fun puzzle to get their attention. :)
[08:35] Marten: "Seeking experienced RSS feedmaster. If you speak the web, speak to us!"
[08:35] Marten: Little classifieds section
[08:35] Lynnutte: lol i like that Marten
[08:35] blutec: i sense a creative mood here at someone!
[08:35] Szark: and me
[08:36] Szark: Re: Newsletter: Q: Pictures for Animatic? What exactly are you looking for? I can take a screenshot of any frame you want......
[08:36] Marten: Puzzle... puzzle would be nice, but ... I'll leave that up to the newsletter crew, I have no ideas for one
[08:36] Narym: Maybe that is better off in the forums, Szark
[08:36] Lynnutte: Oh crud. I forgot to tell everyone
[08:36] Szark: it was
[08:36] Narym: I want to move this a long a little so I can go to bed ;) (though I'm also being excessively talkative too :P)
[08:36] Tailahr: Eh, I can't think of anything except cryptograms, but I really like doing those myself, and they're super easy to make.
[08:36] Marten: Narym> Szark asked in the forum already :)
[08:36] Lynnutte: GMZ has been doing online puzzle thingies
[08:36] Lynnutte: I asked him to make something up for the newsletter
[08:37] Marten: OK.
[08:37] Narym: oh, and no one replied?
[08:37] blutec: great!
[08:37] Narym: lol nvm
[08:37] Szark: carry on
[08:37] Narym: yes
[08:37] Lynnutte: I need to get back to him again and see if he has started on it
[08:38] Marten: Sounds cool. OK, last "Newsletter" item. Going forward once MORE is up, we may have to decide if we still want to keep doing the Newsletter. There are a few paths... one is to keep doing it. Another is to stop. A third... is to direct the writing and editing efforts towards the Archiver, and perhaps collaborate with TCT to set up an e-mail distribution list of the Archiver. (People would need to sign up afresh for that.)
[08:39] Lynnutte: I vote for directing it towards the Archiver and TCT
[08:39] Szark: KI newsletter is the KI sorry
[08:39] Szark: for in cavern news
[08:39] Narym: actually, to be honest, I was considering whether to make The Archiver an independent or GoME publication
[08:39] Lynnutte: agreeed
[08:40] shimmerillio: i wish we could distribute the newsletter via ki
[08:40] Tailahr: As an ordinary fan and GoMe newsletter subscriber, I'd like to see it continue. Just my selfish thought. heh
[08:40] Narym: Not because I don't like TCT, just cause it sounded good at the time
[08:40] nanouk: suggest staying the same as now...simpler
[08:40] Narym: If I'm not making sense, it's cause I'm tired :P
[08:40] Lynnutte: I would like the Criers to take up their old duties again
[08:40] Narym: but I agree the newsletter and Archiver have different roles they can fulfill
[08:40] Marten: I just wanted to throw that out there to think on. We'll need time to think about it, we have some months to consider it.
[08:40] Narym: but the newsletter probably needs to be more regular if it its to continue
[08:40] Narym: fortnightly, probably
[08:41] Tailahr: If you want to improve the KI, then work on getting permission from Cyan for JWPlatt to work on it. ;)
[08:41] Lynnutte: If there is still a need for the newsletter, then there is no reason to stop it.
[08:41] Lynnutte: I just don't want it to outlive its usefulness
[08:41] nanouk: Narym is really tired....lol
[08:41] Marten: The need is what we'll need to discuss. :) OK? Not now though.
[08:41] Narym: Ok
[08:41] Lynnutte: k
08:41] Narym: moving on
[08:41] Szark: Re Narym's Q I have no problem pooling resources
[08:42] Marten: Next topic. Kerryth is too busy with RL committments, apparently got sucked into real world politics. That leaves us w/o a GoMa liaison. But I think Szark is handling picking up the news from GoW and GoMa real well
[08:43] Szark: not so much the GoW of late
[08:43] Szark: to tech for me
[08:43] Marten: I've been checking in with GoW now and then and talking to Paradox to keep abreast of activities there... yeah. Not much going on. They're in their RAD contest now.
[08:44] Szark: but i do look
[08:44] Marten: If the GoMa wants another liaison though, I say let them pick one out from their group.
[08:44] Szark: agreed
[08:44] Lynnutte: agreed
[08:44] nanouk: agree
[08:44] Tailahr: I think the GoMa is going to become a popular guild as we get closer to the opening. Might give us more options.
[08:45] blutec: do we communicate that to them?
[08:45] Lynnutte: yes, we need to
[08:45] Marten: I think we should communicate that to them, yes. Um. I guess I'll do that.
[08:46] Szark: next
[08:46] Marten: :D
[08:46] Narym: I think direct emails to relevant councillors in the Guilds, to see if they have a contact
[08:46] Narym: and maybe put a general add in the newsletter or something ,as well
[08:46] Marten: I can do that. (the e-mails.)
[08:46] Marten: Eh... I don't think that needs to be in the newsletter.
[08:46] Szark: personal touch
[08:46] Lynnutte: lol no
[08:46] Marten: Yeah. It needs a personal touch.
[08:46] Tailahr: Shouldn't each Guildmaster be responsible for insuring that their news gets to us?
[08:47] Marten: Ideally, yes.
[08:47] Narym: in theory
[08:47] Tailahr: lol
[08:47] Marten: If wishes were horses.
[08:47] nanouk: strongly agree
[08:47] blutec: brb
[08:47] Szark: big stick if they don't
[08:47] Narym: but we still aren't at a stage where we can rely on others for tips
[08:47] Marten: Next topic, as Szark said. roles for relayers/criers.
[08:47] Lynnutte: not much that works in theory works in RL
[08:47] Narym: That will probably become clearer closer to More
[08:47] Marten: I think the relayers did a great job on the press conference... I said that already didn't I? :)
[08:47] Tailahr: Still, you might want to start putting that idea out there more often.
[08:47] Lynnutte: :D
[08:48] Lynnutte: yep you did
[08:48] Narym: I think the press conference showed what the Relayers can do
[08:48] Narym: Criers, atm, are probably more suited to Realtime environments
[08:48] nanouk: no...lol
[08:48] Narym: Escape Pods, maybe?
[08:48] Lynnutte: again, :D
[08:49] nanouk: me in SL...no way...worst that joomla
[08:49] Marten: Relayers are ... well, relayers. They repeat what is happening as it happens. Criers... a town crier is one who goes about shouting the latest news to the residents. The forum posts that Szark and Nanouk are handling are a form of that.
[08:49] blutec: back
[08:49] Marten: The ECC is a form of that.
[08:49] Tailahr: Again, this information needs to be posted somewhere - where people can rely on relayers when something big like the press conference happens.
[08:50] Marten: Narym? Can you add a note to the FAQ on that?
[08:50] Lynnutte: like the GOMe newsfeed?
[08:50] Tailahr: Thend is a Crier?
[08:50] Marten: Tai> He's effectively doing that job.
[08:50] Lynnutte: don't tell him that
[08:50] Narym: a note about what the Relayers do?
[08:51] Lynnutte: yes?
[08:51] Narym: 1. is that not better suited to their affiliate profile?
[08:51] Tailahr: Not just what they do, but where people can find their services during important events.
[08:51] Szark: over my head that went
[08:51] Narym: and 2. I still need the appropriate access from Shimmer to update the current site
[08:51] shimmerillio: both should be on affiliate profile
[08:51] Narym: ah, I see
[08:51] Narym: Tai, would that not be on a event by event basis, anyway
[08:52] shimmerillio: as i mentioned earlier, it would be better if we could get switched over to joomla and do all updates there
[08:52] Narym: Where and with what tools the Relayers operate would vary depending on what the event was
[08:52] Lynnutte: I'm lost. Is what better suited to the relayers?
[08:52] Narym: and yes, I agree shuimmer :P
[08:52] Tailahr: Narym, wouldn't it be best to have the relayers roles set up in advance?
[08:53] Narym: I don't quite follow
[08:53] Narym: everyone knows the Relayers relay things to places that, for certain people, may be more accessible
[08:53] Marten: OK. I'm going to sideline this conversation since it's late for Narym and this can be discussed in e-mail or PM.
[08:53] Lynnutte: yes
[08:53] Tailahr: Example: people can always count on finding a relayer at the Explorers Community Center in Second Life - for important events.
[08:53] shimmerillio: relayers = realtime. criers = announcements
[08:53] Narym: but HOW that occurs depends on where they are relaying, what they're relaying, and from where
[08:53] Lynnutte: exactly shimmer
[08:54] Lynnutte: true narym
[08:54] Marten: NEXT TOPIC. Sorry. :) We need to wrap up
[08:54] Lynnutte: kk
[08:54] Narym: Yes master
[08:54] Narym: ;)
[08:54] Szark: k
[08:54] Marten: What does everyone think of this chat system for our meetings? Has this worked well for everyone? There were a few bumps early on, nanouk and szark disconnected but it seems to have stabilized
[08:54] shimmerillio: fine
[08:54] Lynnutte: I likt it
[08:54] Tailahr: YAYS!
[08:55] Narym: yeah, no probs
[08:55] nanouk: like it
[08:55] Szark: I am happy with it
[08:55] Narym: I've got logs too, which is nice
[08:55] blutec: works fine :)
[08:55] Szark: east I like easy
[08:55] Tailahr: It's built for technofeebs like me. ;)
[08:55] nanouk: better than the KI
[08:55] Narym: less atmospheric though :P
[08:55] Lynnutte: and computer dumbies like me
[08:55] Szark: logs good nice one Narym
[08:55] Narym: but yes, functional
[08:56] Marten: If you're on the Mibbit system, you'll notice that I'm blue and not green. Green are other mibbit users. Mibbit itself doesn't provide logging (yet), but I'm using Trillian to connect and it logs... and I guess Narym's client logs as well
[08:56] shimmerillio: narym, i changed most of the css to yellow and got rid of all the other colors. if we can get content organized in the next week or so, we should be good to migrate, don't you think? rss may have to continue being doubled up, but that can be done behind the scenes
[08:56] Szark: until we can get down there it is good
[08:56] blutec: only Lynnutte is blue for me
[08:56] Narym: I'm using Pidgin
[08:56] shimmerillio: sorry i can't figure out how to send a pm
[08:56] nanouk: no need for mood music and fountain noise...lol
[08:56] Marten: PMs in Mibbit, just double-click the name on the right, and a tab will open for private conversation
[08:57] Lynnutte: when we get back in the counter, are we going to move meetings to in the cavern, or continue here?
[08:57] Lynnutte: cavern
[08:57] Narym: both
[08:57] Narym: I think more regular meetings via IRC
[08:57] Lynnutte: lol
[08:57] Narym: and maybe a monthly or so meeting in the Guildhall
[08:57] Lynnutte: k
[08:58] nanouk: here here....lol
[08:58] Szark: Tai LOL
[08:58] Marten: OK. So, we'll continue our meetings here... and once MORE is up, we can decide what works best for us, but I expect we'll go back into the game that we love.
[08:58] Szark: nod
[08:58] shimmerillio: yay
[08:58] * Lynnutte nods enthusiastically
[08:59] nanouk: we
[08:59] nanouk: could
[08:59] nanouk: use
[08:59] Tailahr: So, am I officially a GoMe memer, now?
[08:59] Lynnutte: uh oh. bug again for nanouk
[08:59] Tailahr: er, member
[08:59] nanouk: yep
[08:59] Narym: sure, why not :P
[08:59] Lynnutte: I thought you were a long time ago
[08:59] Szark: I hope so
[08:59] Narym: I don't think we really have a proper roster anyway
[08:59] Tailahr: Nah, just a friend of the guildmaster until now.
[08:59] Lynnutte: lol
[08:59] Narym: at least, until you get elected to a proper position
[09:00] Szark: why not his friend anymore lol
[09:00] Tailahr: lol
[09:00] Marten: We do need to work on the roster; there is more information in the not-yet-posted version of the FAQ but it doesn't reflect Kerryth's departure and Szark's new role
[09:00] *** Emily has joined #GoMe.
[09:00] Lynnutte: Who will be in charge of updating that?
[09:00] Tailahr: Need an org chart - who's who.
[09:00] Szark: mind reading agian MAtern
[09:01] Lynnutte: Shorah Emily
[09:01] Marten: Shorah Emily. We're just wrapping up a meeting :)
[09:01] blutec: hi emily
[09:01] Emily: Shorah :)
[09:01] Szark: Hi Emily
[09:01] Narym: howdy
[09:01] nanouk: yep,
[09:01] Tailahr: Perhaps I should volunteer for that. It would help me to learn more about the GoMe operations.
[09:01] Lynnutte: Sounds good to me. :D
[09:01] blutec: great! :)
[09:02] Marten: Right now we have no Liaisons chair, and our guild arrangement is intended to be 5 people. Szark, whether you like it or not, you're interim Liaison chair. That doesn't mean you need to do anything different. :)
[09:02] nanouk: verygoodindeed/new
[09:02] Szark: phew
[09:02] *** myst-bert has joined #GoMe.
[09:02] *** myst-bert has left #GoMe.
[09:02] Narym: lol
[09:02] Lynnutte: hehehe I knew you would end up in a chair sooner or later Szark
[09:02] Szark: Hi M-Bert
[09:02] blutec: hi bert
[09:03] Narym: except have a swanky new office ;)
[09:03] Lynnutte: Shorah M
[09:03] Marten: myst-bert come and myst-bert go
[09:03] Emily: Shorah Bert.
[09:03] shimmerillio: congrats szark!
[09:03] Szark: lol
[09:03] shimmerillio: :D
[09:03] Marten: Final topic. And a big thank you to Narym for staying up late for this meeting...
[09:03] Narym: lol np
[09:03] Lynnutte: Yes. Ty Nayrm
[09:03] Emily: Thank you Narym.
[09:03] Szark: Yes
[09:03] Narym: I was at a party anyway
[09:03] nanouk: brbrelog
[09:03] Szark: lol
[09:03] shimmerillio: must have been a dull party
[09:04] Narym: so it wasn't like I was sitting around for hours doing nothing waiting to meet
[09:04] *** nanouk has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


)http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
[09:04] Lynnutte: are you saying we're boring Shimmer?
[09:04] shimmerillio: since you spent the whole thing with us
[09:04] shimmerillio: lol
[09:04] Narym: lol
[09:04] Narym: no, I left the party and came home
[09:04] Narym: and came to the meeting
[09:04] *** nanouk has joined #GoMe.
[09:04] Szark: He loves us really
[09:04] Narym: for the time keeping averse
[09:04] shimmerillio: oh, what a good messenger you are!
[09:04] Narym: its 2 am here :P
[09:04] Lynnutte: so, last topic?
[09:04] Marten: The last topic is more of an open idea thing. We've touched on some points earlier... I'll send notes to the other GMs about getting news from them. MORE is going to be different from MOUL. We need to think how we're going to work in the community-driven Uru.
[09:05] nanouk: back
[09:05] Lynnutte: If we can make journals...
[09:05] blutec: create/provide some GM's board?
[09:05] Lynnutte: maybe make a guild one that keeps up to date with the news?
[09:05] blutec: thinktank or so?
[09:06] Marten: Earlier someone said "are we journalists or advertisers?" and we talked about what we are now. I think that advertising for MORE, which Chogon said would be a grass-roots thing, is a job for another organization. We could push for a group to form but I don't feel comfortable with the role being too much on this specific group.
[09:06] Tailahr: Until the KI is better, I think news & information is more reliable outside the cavern.
[09:06] Narym: I think we can create pages in Joomla only accessible by certain accounts
[09:06] Narym: so we can set something up for GM news
[09:06] Narym: but yeah, off topic
[09:06] Lynnutte: That sounds like something I had some of the criers doing in cavern
[09:06] Szark: Guild of Ideas
[09:07] Lynnutte: There is already a Guild of Ideas
[09:07] Marten: Yeah, I'd like to see the Guild of Ideas get more activity.
[09:07] Lynnutte: if I'm remembering right
[09:07] Szark: think that advertising for MORE, which Chogon said would be a grass-roots thing, is a job for another organization
[09:07] Marten: Yep
[09:07] nanouk: yep
[09:07] Lynnutte: k
[09:07] blutec: will we recruit/advertise for that?
[09:08] blutec: advertise for advertising group i mean
[09:08] shimmerillio: i would say not right now
[09:08] Narym: I want us to seriously talk to Cyan about tools by which we can operate in cavern
[09:08] shimmerillio: we've probably got our hands full with cavern stuff
[09:08] Szark: Until the KI is better, I think news & information is more reliable outside the cavern. On this note yan did talk to the Archiver about some sort off newsletter in cavern
[09:08] shimmerillio: agreed, narym
[09:08] Narym: distribute things like The Archiver simply in cavern
[09:08] blutec: is it our call or Chogon's /Cyan?
[09:08] Lynnutte: I agree narym
[09:08] Narym: or newsletters
[09:08] Narym: or whatever
[09:08] Marten: Agreed. Once MORE is up, and there is something to promote, we can try to direct people to whatever organization is spearheading that effort.
[09:09] Narym: maybe an in-cavern RSS feed
[09:09] Narym: so we can update news to everyone's KI easily and reliably
[09:09] shimmerillio: if ki could display pdf or even rss, we could do all sorts of things
[09:09] Marten: Ah, if the imagers supported RSS. Then we'll _really_ need an RSS expert
[09:09] Szark: sounds ambitious as always Narym but I like it
[09:09] Narym: and I think doable
[09:09] Narym: more so than in MOUL
[09:09] nanouk: there should be a News Age created
[09:09] Lynnutte: that's how the criers did it
[09:10] Narym: Probably something that would involve contact with the GoMa and GoW s well
[09:10] Narym: *as
[09:10] shimmerillio: ooh, news age, that's a good idea
[09:10] Lynnutte: yes it is
[09:10] Narym: yes, GoMe offices in cavern!!!!
[09:10] shimmerillio: YES
[09:10] Szark: Bevin are we going to have a Bevin
[09:10] blutec: with an archive, library..
[09:10] shimmerillio: for szark's swanky new office
[09:10] Lynnutte: lol Can I have my own corner office with a window?
[09:10] Narym: TV screen
[09:10] Szark: Shimmer lol
[09:10] Narym: for 24 hour news playing
[09:10] Lynnutte: We need to ask the GOW if they can write one for us. lol
[09:10] Narym: Szark's job to present that, of course
[09:11] shimmerillio: and a crier 24/7 at the receptionist desk!
[09:11] Lynnutte: rotfl
[09:11] Szark: go away
[09:11] Marten: :D
[09:11] Szark: Narym
[09:11] Narym: but seriously, tools by which we can do stuff like that is nothing we need to contact Cyan, and or the GoW/GoMa about
[09:11] blutec: i'll cry 24/7 then lol
[09:11] Narym: I'm your Editor Szark
[09:11] Narym: you can't tell me to go away ;)
[09:11] Narym: I was kidding, anyway :P
[09:11] Tailahr: I'll bet the GoW is going to be swamped with requests.
[09:11] shimmerillio: yes please don't tell narym to go away
[09:11] shimmerillio: i need him
[09:12] Narym: lol
[09:12] Lynnutte: You mean they can't tell me to go away either?
[09:12] Szark: lol
[09:12] Marten: Right Narym; we have tools we have now, and there will be a later time when we can get involved with the development of new tools.
[09:12] Narym: I need to be strapped to Joomla for the next few weeks
[09:12] shimmerillio: yup
[09:12] Narym: agreed
[09:12] Narym: but something worth keeping in mind for the future
[09:12] * Lynnutte nods
[09:12] nanouk: volonteer for a shift period like at the Greeters
[09:12] shimmerillio: exactly
[09:12] Szark: cool
[09:13] shimmerillio: (nanouk)
[09:13] Marten: Does anyone have any other topics they'd like to add?
[09:13] Tailahr: But, if you can have a screen with the news, then it doesn't need to be manned.
[09:13] blutec: to direct to screen perhaps
[09:13] Tailahr: Marten, did you want me to create the roster/org chart?
[09:13] Narym: there needs to be something on the screen ;)
[09:13] nanouk: personnal touch is always good...lol
[09:13] * Lynnutte nods
[09:13] Narym: and someone needs to put that together :P
[09:14] Marten: Tai, if you'd like. Narym, if you could send the unposted FAQ info to Tai then she'll have something to start with
[09:14] Tailahr: Yays.
[09:14] Narym: ok
[09:14] Narym: When your finished, post it back, adn I'll put it on the new site
[09:14] Marten: I do have one item to add. TechnoBubba has joined our group (as well as Tai here) :)
[09:14] Lynnutte: Yey!!!
[09:15] Narym: Shimmer, with your learned technical mind, what would be your ETA for the migration?
[09:15] blutec: great!
[09:15] Narym: techno, eh?
[09:15] Narym: is he technomologically minded?
[09:15] Marten: I misspelled. teknobubba
[09:15] Narym: aw :(
[09:15] nanouk: yeah, nice
[09:15] Narym: but still cool :D
[09:15] Marten: But,yeah, he is technomologically minded :) He has a background in radio and TV broadcasting, so he does or has done RL media stuffs
[09:15] Emily: I'm sorry guys but I've got to run. Thanks again :)
[09:16] shimmerillio: mm probably 2 weeks for a practical migration if you and i hit it hard. rss may take longer, but we can keep adding stuff "behind the scenes" via the old form if we can't get the new version figured out in time
[09:16] blutec: still techno like
[09:16] Marten: Bye Emily
[09:16] Lynnutte: Bye Emily
[09:16] Emily: Bye Everybody!
[09:16] blutec: bye emily
[09:16] Narym: by Em
[09:16] Narym: thanks for dropping in!
[09:16] Narym: hmm, 2 weeks
[09:16] Szark: Bye Em
[09:16] nanouk: bye bye
[09:16] Emily: No problem thanks again to everybody :D
[09:16] Narym: ok, well, I 'll tr to work to that
[09:16] *** Emily has signed off IRC (Quit: (Link:


)http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
[09:16] shimmerillio: yeah i'll look at it too
[09:16] Narym: I'm on uni hols, but I've still got work. I should still have a fair amount of time to devote
[09:16] shimmerillio: no need for you to go into the css, ill do that
[09:17] Narym: I'll just need you on hand in case I run into any technical speedhumps
[09:17] Narym: ok, sounds good
[09:17] shimmerillio: if you can do the content, i'll look at the menus
[09:17] Marten: So, if anyone wants to get into video or audio, it sounds like Tekno can help
[09:17] Narym: no worries
[09:17] Narym: radio shows in cavern :P
[09:18] Narym: oh, which reminds me
[09:18] Lynnutte: I have been doing a little voice acting on the side if he needs someone for something
[09:18] shimmerillio: TVs in cavern that WORK!
[09:18] Narym: What on earth has happened to Uru Radio
[09:18] shimmerillio: 8o
[09:18] Marten: That is a good question
[09:18] * Lynnutte shrugs
[09:18] shimmerillio: Fell off the face of the planet
[09:18] Narym: is there any point settin up stuff on the new site for them?
[09:18] Lynnutte: last I heard, Samsbase was just waiting for URU to come back
[09:18] nanouk: will not say a word on that subject
[09:18] Marten: Szark, could you send samsbase an e-mail and see if he's going to resume radio now that MORE is planned?
[09:19] shimmerillio: let's go ahead and set something up just in case
[09:19] Lynnutte: I can check in with him and see if he's still around
[09:19] Narym: sounds good
[09:19] Szark: Yep can do
[09:19] Narym: But yeah, its probably worth contacting him
[09:19] Narym: Good to keep track of our affiliates ;)
[09:19] Lynnutte: ty Szark
[09:19] shimmerillio: lol
[09:19] Lynnutte: lol
[09:19] shimmerillio: maybe we need a buddy system so we don't lose track of each other
[09:19] Lynnutte: yeah, that is my job isn't it?
[09:20] Marten: You're right Lynnutte, it's your job. Whoops - my bad
[09:20] shimmerillio: lol lynnutte
[09:20] Lynnutte: lol
[09:20] * Marten is still a little wobbly from getting up early
[09:20] Lynnutte: np
[09:20] Narym: glad someone knows whos what job is
[09:20] * shimmerillio still hasn't had coffee
[09:20] Narym: Another reason for that FAQ
[09:20] Szark: Yes Lynnutte you should do it you are correct
[09:20] Marten: OK Szark, you don't have to worry about sending the e-mail. Lynnute will send it.
[09:20] Marten: :)
[09:20] * Narym is wobbly for getting to bed too late
[09:20] Szark: k
[09:20] Narym: ;)
[09:20] Lynnutte: Lynnutte is just a little wobbly
[09:20] Marten: I think I'll do better with breakfast. So with that, if nobody has anything else to add?
[09:21] Marten: (pause for dramatic effect)
[09:21] Narym: nope, I'm done
[09:21] shimmerillio: nothing
[09:21] Narym: *chirp chirp*
[09:21] Szark: no
[09:21] Marten: Meeting adjourned!
[09:21] Lynnutte: No me. I'm going back to bed
[09:21] shimmerillio: yay
[09:21] Narym: *of crickets*
[09:21] Tailahr: Great meeting, Marten!
[09:21] Lynnutte: bye bye everyone
[09:21] Narym: *gavel crashes down*
[09:21] nanouk: done for me....lol
[09:21] shimmerillio: bye everyone

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